taylorswift hi taylor ! i just want to write you a letter right now to thank you for everything you have done for me, without even knowing me. i have been a fan of yours for more than six years and my life has been better since the day i discovered you and your music. the past few years have been very difficult for me as i lost my mother to cancer, i was diagnosed with arthritis and have been feeling very low. i also have very low self esteem but whenever i listen to your music, everything feels better. sometimes, i listen to your happy songs to make me happier, but sometimes i just listen to some of your less happy songs and i can just relate to them so much! also, yours songs are very good for jam sessions with friends ;) i hope one day i will get to meet you just so i can thank you for everything. also, i love how you donate so much money to great causes such as cancer, which is a cause that really gets to me. i also started singing because of you and you are always such a musical inspiration for me! thank you so much for making my life better with your music and just by being your amazing self ! i love you to the moon and back

taylorswift I am so proud of you and everything you’re doing right now. Number one and number two on iTunes????? THAT’S CRAZY. Also, I’m so happy that you’re happy. I’ve never seen you this happy and it is making me the happiest. Thank you for letting us fans into your life like no other celebrity does. You definitly feel more like a friend than a celebrity. Thank you thank you thank you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!